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Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure

Jun 7, 2018

When it comes to making an impact, nobody brings the fire like Tim Sackett. Jennifer catches up with her old friend and firebrand who isn’t afraid to say, blog and write what’s on his mind. As outspoken leader in his field with 20 years of top-level HR and talent experience, Tim shares what he’s learned working as a talent and HR wizard.

  • Who is Tim Sackett? And why the heck is he so happy? Jennifer asks Tim a little bit about himself and how he entered the recruiting business through his family. Tim tells Jennifer about memories of his mother’s recruiting calls, getting fired by her, and his return to the business after some time in the HR corporate world.
  • Tim’s mom is cut from some rock-hard stuff. Jennifer asks Tim about how she came to start her recruiting company and how she influenced him. Tim tells the story of his more immature and egotistical days, why he was axed by his mom, and how he made his way to corporate HR.
  • How do you spark a passion for HR? Tim talks about the reward of being able to help people more directly, the challenges of a new field and a deeper sense of camaraderie sucked him into the HR world.
  • While Tim had a history of playing it fast and loose in the workplace, the corporate world demanded an adjustment in temperament. Jennifer asks Tim about how he cooled his heels for the better and who has helped him along the way, personally and professionally. Tim relays his experience working in HR at Applebee’s and how he learned the value of talent strengthening and critical feedback.
  • What inspired Tim to pick up the quill? Tim tells the tale of how he came to writing and blogging, and his experience writing for Kriss Dunn’s The HR Capitalist. He also talks about the therapeutic value of writing in his own voice and how his practice has translated into bonuses for his professional career.
  • According to Mama Sackett, blogging and speaking engagements are just more ways to give away the secret sauce. Tim discussing how his drive to help others has informed his open and friendly approach to giving advice and sharing knowledge.
  • Practical, hilarious and brave; the Tim Sackett voice doesn’t sound like anything else. Jennifer asks Tim about the most controversial thing he’s written and he talks about why he doesn’t shy away from topics like race and gender in the workplace.
  • While it might seem innocent, the tale of how Tim Sackett became The Workplace Hugging Expert is juicier than expected. Tim fills us in on the details of his 15 minutes of fame turned icebreaker comedy skit.
  • Blogging is one this but publishing a book is a whole new ball-game. Jennifer asks Tim about his process for making the jump from the web to the printed page and what it’s like to be an author.
  • Tim is notorious for being a fountain of advice. Jennifer asks Tim about the best advice his mother has given him and the greatest advice he would give to his sons.


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