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Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure

Mar 22, 2018

Not long ago, Jennifer went to a conference in Australia, where she was a chairperson and keynote speaker. During the event, two young women approached Jennifer with the desire to improve their careers, but they didn’t know where to go to get the support they needed. This inspired today’s episode. If you’re stuck where you are in your career, you don’t want to miss this one.

  • Jennifer shares the story of the two young women. One referred to herself as ‘just the payroll person.’ The other wasn’t sure how to approach older, more successful people in order to learn from them. During her 25 hour journey back to the US, Jennifer reflected on those issues and the root of what caused them. Do you also feel this way?
  • Before you consider the following actions, think about the people who have had an impact on your life. They don’t wait for others to create a plan. They also give time, money, or attention, especially when it’s about a challenge they’ve faced that you’re experiencing, too.
  • Action 1: Send random calls, texts, or tweets of random kindness. It’s a small thing but it’s something you can accomplish in little time, and it can change the course of a person’s entire day. Not sure what to say? Jennifer shares some great ideas, so get in the habit of doing this!
  • Action 2: Create systems for success and automate them! There’s a great little app called IFTTT (If This Then That). There’s virtually no limit on what you can do with it. Jennifer shares a few ‘recipes’ to use that will help you make an impact, almost on autopilot.
  • Action 3: Jennifer shares a personal tip, something she learned to do when she was first growing her network. She identified people she wanted a relationship and started studying their work: books, blogs, podcasts, videos, even their websites. Essentially, she got to know them through their work. What she did next is a prime example of how to have a meaningful impact on others with a simple, daily routine.

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