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Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure

Mar 7, 2018

You’ve heard the term ‘impact’ from the mouths of CEOs and management from many different industries, applied in many different ways. But what does it mean to be an ‘impact maker?’ Today Jennifer shares some heart-touching stories that served as the inspiration for this podcast’s name, and she talks about how to make the connection between changing the world and what we do in our everyday lives.

  • One of the first movements Jennifer joined with the Game Change Campaign through her church. It allowed her to make a real difference in lives around the world through the International Justice Mission. Anjali’s story about being forced into prostitution as a child and being rescued from it changed what Jennifer understood about making an impact. You can hear her story here, at 42:30.
  • Has anyone ever told you that you changed their life? That’s what making an impact truly is. Jennifer talks about how that moment was the start of a new purpose, or rather, honing in on it. Hear Jennifer’s DisruptHR talk here.
  • The goal of this podcast is to help you see opportunities to make an impact by sharing stories of people who are changing the world without asking for any credit for it. We’ll help you uncover strategies to use and actions you can take in your daily lives that will help change the world.
  • If you truly want to understand how making an impact changes lives, you need look no further than the story of Tererai Trent, who is also ‘Oprah’s favorite guest of all time.’ She started as an 18 year-old mother of four in a small village in Zimbabwe. Tererai crossed continents and supported a family of 7 while ultimately earning a Ph.D. Yes, she did meet Oprah, but that’s not the most amazing part of her story. You have to hear it to believe it, so listen to the full podcast: Lewis Howes interviews Tererai Trent. Understand the power of words.
  • Today, Tererai Trent is a scholar, humanitarian, motivational speaker, educator, author, and founder of Tererai Trent International. She’s become one of the most well know, and internationally recognized voices for quality education and women's empowerment.  And she’s also written a best-selling book, called The Awakened Woman – Remembering and Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams.
  • Oprah was a defining person in Tererai’s life, so Jennifer wraps up her show today with the woman who has impacted millions, every day. When she was asked what her legacy would be, she didn’t give her own answer. Instead, she shared what Maya Angelou told Oprah what her legacy would be, and it’s amazing. The most amazing part is, as a person who wants to influence and impact the world around you, you can have the same type of legacy.

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