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Impact Makers

Nov 21, 2019

Bruce Waller is VP of Corporate Relocation for Armstrong Relocation and Companies. He is the author of the books, Find Your Lane and Milemarkers, and he is a good friend of mine. He recently reached out to me to get coaching advice about how to choose speaking topics and ideas for creating great presentations and slide decks. I asked him if he'd be willing to allow me to record our conversation to share on this podcast. He graciously agreed. 

The most frequently asked question that I get is, “How do I become a speaker?” While I've written blog posts on the subject, been interviewed on other peoples’ podcasts and shared about the beginnings of my own journey as a professional speaker in this podcast, there's always more to learn. Everyone is at a different place in their speaking career. And no matter where you are in your career, questions are bound to come up. Such was the case for Bruce. 

My hope is that by listening to our coaching session, you will garner some takeaways of your own.  We explore ideas like developing speaking topics to share on a stage in front of an audience, or simply communicating your ideas at work and in life. 

Show Highlights:

  • Some strategies and recommendations to decide on topics for speaking
  • Think about what you know, and what you already have to say, and then tailor your presentations to your audience
  • My process for creating a speaking presentation + 3 different types of presentations you can utilize
  • Some "go to" resources for presentation images and tips for making your slides ‘shine’
  • The importance of identifying who your people are,who is the audience that needs to hear your message, what the audience needs, and how you can fulfill that need
  • Advantages of being a published author 


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