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Impact Makers

Oct 1, 2020

The reason that the Impact Makers Podcast exists is to bring you tools, tips and resources to help you build a career that you love, and to live a life that matters.

I love introducing you to people that I believe are truly making a difference out there in the world, who can inspire you to take action in your own life, or help you to discover paths to impact that you may not have considered possible for yourself before.

Julie Turney is one of those inspiring people, and I hope that you’ll listen closely as she shares how she’s taken intentional steps to grow her career and her network, and also to increase her impact.

And she’s just getting started.

Julie describes herself as a People Champion, and she’s also a woman of many talents, who wears many different hats. She’s a mom, a Human Resources Manager, an HR Performance Coach, an HR Disrupter, a Public Speaker, and she’s the host of the HR Sound Off Podcast Show.

She’s also currently writing her first book - in her spare time, of course - so she’ll soon be adding published author to her collection of titles. And she’s accomplished all of these things - and more - while living on the tiny - and beautiful island of Barbados.

Since I first connected with Julie a little over a year ago, I’ve been super impressed with the growth that I’ve seen in her personally and professionally as she’s continued to expand her network, and has challenged herself to say “yes” to sometimes hard and scary things - all while continuing to work full time, and during a global pandemic that has isolated her and her fellow Bajans from the rest of the world.

I think that you’ll find some inspiration in Julie’s approach to growth and creating an impact in the world, and if you can get past the first few minutes of me fangirling out, and grilling her about Rihanna’s whereabouts on the island, you’ll be glad you did.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:​​

  • The surprising answer to the obvious question: Is Julie friends with Rihanna?
  • What Julie loves about HR, and why she feels that now - during a global pandemic - is the most exciting time to work in the profession.
  • What breaks Julie’s heart about how HR others sometimes perceive HR.
  • The important role that mentors have played in Julie’s life, and why she chose to actively mentor others in order to grow her own career.
  • How Julie originally connected with DisruptHR, and her plans are to expand DisruptHR events throughout the Caribbean.
  • Julie’s advice for people who make excuses about why they are being held back from achieving their dreams.
  • The surprising online Influencer that sparked Julie to take action, and become a podcaster, DisruptHR organizer, Agile trainer, and HR Coach - in addition to continuing to work in a full-time job.
  • The power of LinkedIn for making connections that can change your life.


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