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Impact Makers

Oct 8, 2020

Whether you work for a corporate brand - or you’re a personal brand - we all have something in common.

In order to persuade people to buy from us, work with us, or tell others about us, we have to be able to create powerful messages and stories that connect with our intended audience, and position us for success.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some type of framework that could help us to choose a focus and format to tell our story, so we could create content that serves our mission in the best possible way?

Well, thankfully, there is a framework, and my guest today literally wrote the book on it.

Melanie Deziel is a keynote speaker, award-winning branded content creator, and a lifelong storyteller on a mission to share the power of creating compelling and credible content with others.

Melanie is the Founder and Chief Content Officer of StoryFuel, a company that teaches marketers, creators and organizations how to tell better brand stories, and she’s the author of the best-selling book - The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas.

I’ve enjoyed reading Melanie’s book, and have found the 10 x 10 content fuel framework helpful as I’ve had to re-think how I connect with my community, and share my message while speaking on stages around the world is not an option.

In our conversation today, Melanie shares how her experience as a journalist and content strategist for some of the most well-known companies and brands in the world was helpful to her when she decided to start and market her own business, and how she’s now on a mission to help others to create content that they can be proud of, and will get their messages heard.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:​​

  • How the storytelling process used by corporate brands is similar to telling your own story as a personal brand.
  • The importance of understanding what is important to you, the message that you want to convey to your audience, and how your personal experiences can provide relevance and timeliness about your topic.
  • How Melanie applied her experience as a journalist and with storytelling to market her business once she went out on her own.
  • How volunteering to help sales people with client pitches led to Melanie becoming a successful international keynote speaker.
  • How the 10 x 10 grid of the Content Fuel Framework evolved from a series of presentations, to a workshop, then a keynote, and ultimately a book.
  • The challenges associated with launching a book during a global pandemic, and how Melanie has gotten creative to promote the book in non-traditional ways.
  • How to choose a focus and format to tell your story, and to create content that serves your mission in the best possible way.
  • Two things that a company - or a person - needs to consider before creating and sharing content, in order to get their message heard.


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The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas (For Marketers and Creators) by Melanie Deziel


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