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Impact Makers

Feb 4, 2021

I’m excited to share my conversation with Dr. Todd Dewett in Episode 57 of the Impact Makers Podcast. I met Dr. Dewett several years ago, when I was just getting my start as a professional speaker, and we both shared the stage at a regional conference. 


At that time, he was a successful university professor teaching leadership and innovation to MBA students - but he didn’t look or sound like most of the professors that I’d come across in my academic career. Big, tall, bald, and covered in tattoos had never greeted me when I walked into a classroom in school. 


So, of course I was intrigued to hear what this guy had to say about leadership, and I was not disappointed. With a fresh perspective, an authentic message, and some great stories, he captivated the audience, and inspired people to be bold, and think differently. 


Since that time, we’ve become friends, and I’ve continued to learn from him over the years as he wrote books, left the academic world to pursue a career as a full-time speaker, and became one of LinkedIn Learning’s most popular trainers. 


Now, with his unique brand of edgy leadership, Dr. Todd Dewett is a best-selling author, one of the most in-demand leadership keynote speakers in the world, and he’s motivated millions to perform at higher levels, and lead with true authenticity. 


His latest book is called Live Hard, and it’s a collection of twenty inspiring stories packed with advice about living life more fully. 


I think you’ll find Todd’s frank advice and unique perspective refreshing, and I’m sure you’ll get some great takeaways from our conversation. 


Topics Discussed In This Episode:​​


  • What prompted Dr. Dewett to leave the corporate world to pursue a PhD in Organizational Behavior, and then leave a great job as a university professor to become a full-time author, speaker, and trainer. 
  • Interesting and creative ways that Dr. Dewett encouraged students to embrace discomfort in order to open themselves up to creativity and innovation. 
  • Dr. Dewett’s advice for living a more authentic life.
  • What happens when we don’t push ourselves to be more authentic with others and take principled risks.
  • Two things Dr. Dewett recommends to avoid plateauing in your life and career in your 20’s and 30’s.
  • What Dr. Dewett thinks we all need to get serious about in 2021 and beyond to ensure career and life success - even those who feel secure in their current job. 
  • Dr. Dewett’s best advice for living hard, embracing the future, and creating success. 


People & Resources Mentioned In This episode:


Dr. Todd Dewett website

LIVE HARD: Thoughts on Living Fearlessly, Creating Success, and Embracing the Future by Todd Dewett, PhD

Show Your Ink: Stories About Leadership and Life by Todd Dewett, PhD

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