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Impact Makers

Oct 27, 2022

If you’re thinking of looking for a new job or switching careers, and you’re planning to use the same resume you created 10 years ago, well, that probably won’t be too useful. Times have changed, and so has resume writing.

There are actually things you need to be intentional with when it comes to showcasing your strengths and making sure you’re getting your message across. Today, I’m turning the tables as I’ve invited Chris Villanueva, the CEO & Co-Founder of Let's Eat, Grandma, an online resume service that was ranked by The Balance as the best resume service of 2022.

Chris shares some of his best advice for job seekers and career-changers related to creating resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to get them noticed – and to help them connect with their dream job. We also talk about how to overcome some of the challenges that we all face with building new professional relationships in an increasingly hybrid or remote work environment.

Show Highlights:

  • The ideal resume length to get your message across
  • Writing a summary of qualifications at the top of your resume instead of an objective statement
  • Focusing on the most relevant job experiences
  • Functional resume vs. chronological resume
  • When to include a cover letter for your resume
  • The current trends in resume-writing
  • How your LinkedIn Profile should differ from your resume
  • The power of using keywords on your resume and LinkedIn profile to assist you in being found for the job you want
  • Chris’ thoughts on hidden keywords on resumes
  • How to address gaps in employment on a resume and resume tips for formerly incarcerated individuals
  • The biggest frustrations job seekers have with recruiters and hiring managers
  • How to build relationships in a world where many people are working virtually
  • Why you should invest in a resume writing service to accelerate positive results in your job search

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Impact Makers Podcast Episode #66 - My Best Career Advice to Position Yourself for the Job You Want with Jennifer McClure and Chris Villanueva 

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