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Impact Makers

Sep 24, 2020

Today’s guest on the podcast is my friend Kendra Ramirez.


Kendra is a well-respected entrepreneur who is a Women of Influence Award Winner, and a recipient of the John Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award. She’s also been honored as the Cincy Chic Woman of the Year, an American Marketing Association Marketing Legend,...

Sep 17, 2020

Sometimes, I have the honor of being a guest on other podcasts or webinars, where I’m typically asked to share about one or more of the topics that I’m passionate about, including leadership, speaking, and personal branding. And today, I’m sharing one of those recent conversations with you.

Shortly after the world...

Sep 10, 2020

My guest today is Katie Augsberger, who is an employee experience strategist that’s disrupting how we think about employee experience, and helping organizations to rethink their policies and practices to create a more healing and inclusive workplace for all of their employees.

I was first introduced to Katie through...

Sep 3, 2020

Are HR leaders the only leaders in an organization who can (or should) lead with a people first approach?


My guest in today's episode - Steve Browne - doesn't think so! Steve has been my friend and mentor for over 20 years now, and he's also a constant source of encouragement, wise counsel, connections and smiles for...