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Impact Makers

Mar 29, 2018

William Tincup isn’t normal. Neither was his marketing agency, who used its eccentricity to shake up an industry that had become boring and stale. You either loved them or hated them. When Tincup stepped away from the agency, he continued marching to the beat of his own drum, with great success. Today Tincup shares some career and life advice from someone who has never followed the rules and has an unconventional way of doing things. Are you ready to shake up your life?

  • Believe it or not, Tincup really is William’s last name. He talks about the interesting Native American origins of the surname and the huge advantage it gives him in organic searches. It’s also a really good whiskey, and the company that makes it has been trying to buy the domain for years. William shares the funny story behind the Super Bowl ad.
  • Tincup has a wide portfolio of college-educated skills including art history. He shares the funny story of how he got his in-state tuition be complimenting a woman’s earrings. But her advice for how he should proceed with choosing a major is one of the most honest takes on what happens after college. It’s even more relevant today.
  • When he realized that an art curator doesn’t make a lot of money, Tincup decided to get an MBA. He talks about the paths that were available to him: consulting, Wall Street, or entrepreneurship. To begin, he chose consulting, but that changed when he learned about the shortcomings of the services they offer. Tincup shares what inspired him to get into true entrepreneurship.
  • Tincup’s agency was daring. They weren’t the ‘sweater vest’ type. They were stripper glitter and cocaine references were normal, but there was a very calculated reason why. Their Led Zepplin lifestyle to a book that served as a manifesto and a way of business that was guaranteed to blow up what was boring. He’ll be the first to tell you that he lost business doing it. But his clients will tell you Tincup would walk through walls to help them succeed.
  • It was a very simple interaction with the CEO of a business he helped succeed that ended Tincup’s desire to do what he was doing: the lack of a thank you. After 10 years of it, he couldn’t take it any longer. He left the marketing agency and went out on his own, continuing to be his abnormal self, until he landed at Recruiting Daily. What started as a consultancy ended up as a career.
  • Though leadership is about actually being a leader. Tincup shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a thought leader. If you’re one who asks the question ‘why’ and aren’t interested in looking at other peoples’ stuff, then you might be a real thought leader. Find out why Tincup thinks it’s important.

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