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Impact Makers Podcast with Jennifer McClure

Oct 4, 2018

What you feed will live and what you starve will die - the same principle applies to leadership. If you want to be a great leader, you have to feed your fire to serve and inspire. Today, Jennifer and Eric to talk about success, leadership, and coaching - and how it led Eric to his calling as a man of faith.  

  • Eric Peoples is a public speaker, certified leadership coach, and founding pastor of Legacy Church in Farmington, CT. Eric has led over 1,000 people on 45 international trips to pioneer social change and humanitarian relief efforts in nearly 27 countries.  
  • He attributes his penchant for helping to his family’s strong support of philanthropic endeavors. Helping others, working hard, and doing your best - these were the family's core values.  
  • How did Eric enter ministry work? His journey actually started in the corporate world. He had done work in sales for Xerox, where he moved up the corporate ladder pretty quickly. He enjoyed the job, earned and learned a lot. But after meeting his pastor, Peter Bruno, he began to take an interest in ministry.  
  • Eric found himself on a mission to help others discover their true selves so they can start their journey as purposeful leaders, too. His attitude toward stewardship guides him in giving his best effort as a man of faith, public speaker, and leadership coach.
  • But how can he juggle his calling as a pastor and as a leadership coach? Eric shares how a pastor and leadership coach share some of the same qualities. They are both surrounded by people that have huge potential. They both serve others by empowering them so they can awaken that potential. And since he is someone who's attracted to potential, there is no better way to touch and change lives than being both a pastor and a leadership coach.
  • Eric reveals why most high achievers have the inclination to underestimate themselves. People think that leaders can 'read their own labels.' In reality, most of them don’t have anyone to help them read their labels and see their true worth. This makes them, more or less, blind to their own influence and accomplishments. Eric helps these leaders identify who they are and reframe their perception of what they believe is possible.
  • Jennifer and Eric analyze one of the biggest questions a leader must reflect on, “If I had no limits, what would this look like?” They also investigate how this transforms their mindsets and helps them overcome limiting beliefs.   

Quotes from this episode:

There’s always going to be more than enough to take care of you, and that’s why you can take care of others and help others to achieve something big. - Eric Peoples

Are you going to live so powerfully that people can’t forget you? - Eric Peoples

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