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Impact Makers

Mar 15, 2018

Steve Browne is a connector in every sense of the word. From a young age, he’s always felt at home ‘swimming in people.’ Today, Jennifer and Steve discuss what makes him a connector, and some of the unique insights he has as a leader and impact maker, including his involvement with the Society for Human Resource Management. Do you want to be the type of leader whose employees love them, and whose businesses thrive because of it? Find out how in today’s episode.

  • Steve talks about how his mother’s suggestion took him from studying engineering into a more people-centric profession. When he’s with people, Steve feels like he’s home, right where he needs to be. He shares a funny story about college, where his classmates voted that he should be… you’ll never guess.
  • You know how some people have ‘rules’ before they let you into their lives? Steve doesn’t, and he shares his philosophy on being an open book, and how it’s helped him make an impact on others.
  • One of the big obstacles to leadership is when a person is an introvert. Jennifer asks the tough question: how can an introvert lead other people? Can they do it effectively? Steve believes so, and his ideas about introverts being stronger leaders might surprise you.
  • Steve shares a harsh truth about being in the people management sector. However, if you’ve ever been an employee with a bad manager, you’ll be nodding your head along with him. He explains what it takes to be a great leader. Part of it has to do with understanding that ‘a tiger never changes his stripes’ and learning to work with those stripes.
  • Kathy Coleman impacted Steve in a very deep way. She taught Steve that valuing the whole person matters more than only valuing what they bring to work. How do you allow your employees to grow personally, and how does that make them better employees?
  • Years ago, one of Steve’s peers gave him a bit of advice that hasn’t left him, and it was delivered with a pointed finger to the chest. It began with Steve complaining endlessly about an organization. It ended with him leading that organization and creating a legacy that fulfills him to this day. The story will inspire you.
  • Steve’s final lesson comes from his daughter’s basketball coach. What she did when his daughter didn’t make the team impacted Steve and changed his entire thought process for making people feel valued in all types of organizations. It’s a lesson that you can take with you, too.

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Twitter: @sbrownehr

Book: HR on Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion

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