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Impact Makers

Oct 12, 2019

New phone, who dis? Well, it's your old friend, or in some cases, your new friend Jennifer McClure. After a hiatus, I'm back with new episodes of The Impact Makers podcast. As always, my goal is to help you create maximum impact at work and in life through building a career that you love and living a life that matters. 

In this episode, I share what I’ve been up to while we’ve been apart. Life as a human in 2019 started off with a “Bang!” I’ve experienced some amazing things and some challenges too. For example, I landed my largest client to date, after almost 10 years of running my own business. I’ve continued my work at DisruptHR and also continued to check off states on my “Speak in Every State,” bucket list. All good things.  

Of course, with the good there is a bit of bad; I suffered a horseback riding accident in July. I’m doing much better now but it took a lot longer than anticipated to heal. Overall, Team McClure is stronger than ever, and we have some great things in store for the rest of this year. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Show Highlights:

  • What I’ve been up to, including some growth over here at Team McClure
  • I checked another state off of my goal to speak at an event in every state in the U.S., plus I share what state I am looking at next and more about my speaking engagements
  • DisruptHR licensed our 157th city! DisruptHR events have now been held in 37 countries, and in multiple languages around the world, AND over 4,300 DisruptHR Talks have been given
  • I crossed the number one item off of my bucket list in September, a dream vacation to Ireland!
  • Find out what’s next for The Impact Makers Podcast



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