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Impact Makers

Dec 5, 2019

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you should always be networking. In this week’s episode, I’ll talk about how you can network like a pro. I’ll also be sharing ten awesome questions that you can ask to start great conversations at networking events.

You will also hear how I learned how to network the

Nov 28, 2019

Self-care isn’t selfish. It is necessary. We truly can’t pour from an empty cup and we can’t help others if we’re emotionally worn, completely stressed out, or too sick to help.  In this episode I’m talking about self-care and the five areas I’ve been trying to improve for the sake of myself, my family and...

Nov 21, 2019

Bruce Waller is VP of Corporate Relocation for Armstrong Relocation and Companies. He is the author of the books, Find Your Lane and Milemarkers, and he is a good friend of mine. He recently reached out to me to get coaching advice about how to choose speaking topics and ideas for creating great presentations and slide...

Oct 12, 2019

New phone, who dis? Well, it's your old friend, or in some cases, your new friend Jennifer McClure. After a hiatus, I'm back with new episodes of The Impact Makers podcast. As always, my goal is to help you create maximum impact at work and in life through building a career that you love and living a life...

Oct 4, 2018

What you feed will live and what you starve will die - the same principle applies to leadership. If you want to be a great leader, you have to feed your fire to serve and inspire. Today, Jennifer and Eric to talk about success, leadership, and coaching - and how it led Eric to his calling as a man of faith.