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Impact Makers

Nov 3, 2022

Self-care isn’t selfish. It is necessary. We truly can’t pour from an empty cup and we can’t help others if we’re emotionally worn, completely stressed out, or too sick to help. In this episode I’m talking about self-care and the five areas I’ve been trying to improve for the sake of myself, my family and my business.

I’ll talk about the importance of sleep, rest and exercise, for our physical and mental well-being. Then I’ll dive into the effects of gratitude on our happiness. I’ll also discuss how caring for others can be a form of self-care. Lastly, I’ll cover caring for your time. Finding balance and reclaiming your time can have a lasting impact on your life and I’m going to share how it changed mine.

My goal is to help you understand the importance of self-care and how to practice it, proactively, without feeling guilty. I hope you enjoy today’s show.

Show Highlights:

  • What is self-care? I’ll give you my favorite definition and share a great quote to help you remember why it’s so important.
  • I’m going to share the five key areas of self-care and give you tips for each area. I’ll share my stories about those areas too.
  • I can’t stress enough the importance of being proactive with self-care. Our bodies speak to us, sometimes loud and clear.
  • If we don’t listen, the consequences can be devastating.
  • We’re talking about self-care but I’m also going to share how caring for others is a form of self-care.
  • Self-care has a physical, mental and emotional impact on our lives, our bodies and on those around us.

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