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Impact Makers

Jan 26, 2023

Although social media has changed and evolved over the last couple of decades, it’s still a valuable place to be –  to learn from, connect with others, establish your credibility, build your personal brand or business brand, and grow your career. 

While there are tons of places we can hang out online these days, many of which offer limited value for our work pursuits, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn – the “professional” social network that’s been around since 2002 – is still a place where you need to be visible online. It is worth the investment of your time, especially if you’re looking to grow your career and your business as well as attract opportunities.

LinkedIn is pretty straightforward. Simply create a profile, connect with people, post and share your content, etc. However, you may not be getting the most out of it as you would if you were to create an intentional strategy for using LinkedIn. 

There are multiple ways that you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to build your personal brand and grow your career. By doing so, you can use LinkedIn to build your credibility as a thought leader and your reputation as a business leader that others want to work with or do business with. Finally, you can readily access a vast network of people and resources that you can utilize (for free) for your personal and professional development. In this episode, I’m going to share some of my favorite tips and strategies for creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out, works for you, and increases your opportunities!

Show Highlights:

  • Why a LinkedIn profile is valuable
  • What makes a great LinkedIn profile?
  • 8 profile photo best practices
  • How to maximize your background photo
  • Tips for an effective LinkedIn profile headline
  • Tips in writing your About section
  • 10 profile summary tips

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