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Impact Makers

Apr 5, 2018

Mike Kim is one of those guys who doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s been an online force with his blog and podcast, and the wisdom he freely shares about his experience in leaving corporate America to become an entrepreneur. Today, Jennifer and Mike talk about that journey and what you can learn from it, whether you’re just starting a business or you’re well into it.

  • Mike shares the story of how he escaped the cubicle. It started with a simple question: is this the life I want in 15 years? He didn’t quit his job cold turkey like many others have done. Instead, he had a strategy to gently sidestep from the corporate life into one where he could do what he enjoys.
  • Mike had a unique opportunity to grow his brand while growing his employer’s brand – even though he wasn’t educated in marketing. He hustled and read all he could, and what he learned from his own blog, he applied to his employer’s strategy – and vice versa. This opened the door for Mike to step away from the cubicle.
  • Have you ever heard of Mike’s ‘sadistic selfie?’ It’s an antidote to the kool-aid that corporations serve at parties and quarterly meetings, where everything is viewed through rose-colored glasses. Even though he was paid well and did good work, it just wasn’t fulfilling. Mike explains how a dose of truth is what finally pushed him to do something else with his life.
  • If you want to get out of cubicle nation and you want to share your ideas, this is what makes you a thought leader. It’s also where a lot of really brilliant people get stuck. Mike shares exactly what you need to do to make the step that will take you from brilliant to brilliant and successful.
  • Mike didn’t just quit his 6 figure job cold turkey. Instead, he created a plan that required a small amount of sacrifice. He would continue with his day job until his side business income hit a certain level. Mike also had a plan for how to learn to make money from his audience. Could Mike’s strategy also work for you?
  • As an entrepreneur, you have four freedoms: time, money, people, purpose. These four freedoms enable you to do amazing work. If you aren’t sure what you want to be doing, Mike has three questions for you: what ticks you off, what breaks your heart, and what’s the big problem you’re trying to solve? Understanding the freedoms and the questions is essentially mapping your path as an entrepreneur.
  • Jennifer and Mike are both plugged into the world around them in terms of how they can learn and grow. Mike shares his best secret, one that he still uses to this day. Look for someone who is living the way you want to live. Then follow them, learn from them, and while you won’t become them, you’ll become a better version of you.
  • Like Mike’s Influence and Impact event? He shares what the future of the event will be – or what he hopes it will be. He admits to dreaming big but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Mike Kim.

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